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Let us explain, and perhaps you’ll agree and join the movement! Our premise is that when you give someone a hammock chair, you’ve given them the gift of relaxation. Fair enough? In turn, a relaxed person is a gift to the world, are they not? Consider how much more pleasant the world would be if everyone were relaxed: the guy you accidentally cut off in traffic; the boss wondering when you’ll finish that slightly overdue project; people waiting in line or at a restaurant table – perhaps the line or table you’re serving. They’re relaxed and smiling, full of encouragement rather than criticism. They’re world changers!

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HAMMOCKS AS THERAPY FOR AUTISM IN CHILDREN  The vestibular system plays a significant role for a person with autism. This system balances us as we move and orientates us within our surroundings. Think about a time when you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar place (first morning on your vacation for example) – your vestibular system will use sensory perceptions to try and coordinate itself. This can often be stressful, especially for those who may have some form of vestibular dysfunction. Hammocks are a special tool that helps to soothe children and improves their balance. The natural swinging motion of a hammock is beneficial for those who have issues with their sensory system as it works to restore the vestibular system. Furthermore, the...

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Sustainable trees planting & Awesome relaxations

For every hammock purchased, we work with Atlas Trees to plant two trees in your honor around the globe. Besides giving us a place to hang our hammocks, the role trees play in protecting our planet reads like the description of every major environmental campaign combined: they generate clean air and oxygen, recycle water, reduce pollution, provide nutrients, medicine and food to both animals and humans, regulate temperature, and of course provide a habitat to countless species of animals that our world would not be the same without.

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Hammocks are your new Chiropractor

DOING THIS COULD SAVE YOUR BACK... A chiropractor can do wonders for working out those kinks that result from daily activity or waking up on the wrong side of the bed - but you have to keep returning if you want those benefits to stick. A Hammock can be your best buddy and help you reduce or even eliminate those costly chiropractor visits. Sleeping in a Hammock delivers a very different kind of relaxation than sleeping in a bed. Because hammocks hang, they’re incorporating gravity to support only your body weight, rather than battling gravity like a mattress does. This super flexible kind of support can reduce strain on pressure points like hips, ribs and vertebrae. Your weight is distributed evenly, while...

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101 HANGING GUIDE  People often think of hammocks as an exclusively outdoor way to relax. Most hammock owners eagerly anticipate summer weather to start hanging out in their hammocks outside. But hammocks aren’t exclusive to the great outdoors. You can hang your Hammock (almost) anywhere in your home and enjoy it throughout the year, in rain, snow, or sunshine. Not a day goes by where we don’t get asked a question from a customer who’s curious about how to best setup their hammock.   We can't wait for you to kick back and relax in a Comfy HomeGasm Hammock! Our hammocks can be hung from trees, porches, balconies- even indoors!   Let's get started!   ANATOMY OF A HAMMOCK First, let’s make sure we have the...

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