Sustainable trees planting & Awesome relaxations


ūüĆ≤¬†Every Hammock plants two Trees¬†ūüĆ≤¬†

For every Hammock purchased, we work with Atlas Trees to plant two trees in your honor around the globe.

Besides giving us a place to hang our hammocks, the role trees play in protecting our planet reads like the description of every major environmental campaign combined: they generate clean air and oxygen, recycle water, reduce pollution, provide nutrients, medicine and food to both animals and humans, regulate temperature, and of course provide a habitat to countless species of animals that our world would not be the same without.

Our partnership with Atlas Trees takes the act of planting trees one very important step further - together we're using tree planting for social good as well.  

By helping small farmers and villages around the world with fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees, sources of livestock feed, and much more, together we're able to bring about not only environmental change but a huge amount of social good and happiness as well.  What's better than that?

Together we've planted Thousands of Trees across the Globe and around the world since we began this partnership and we're just getting started. 

If you own a HOMEGASM HAMMOCK or have ever recommended us to your friends, take a look around you the next time you take a walk in the woods- you're part of something truly amazing.

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