🤔 How do I hang my hammock?

If you have no idea on how to hang your hammock, relax, it's a very easy process. You will receive Our Easy Hanging Guide to help you step by step set up your lovely Hammock.


🤔 How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We offer FREE Shipping on every hammock to any destination within the U.S. International Shipping for hammocks costs a flat $40. 


🤔 Uv Exposure :

You definitely should never worry about using your Hammock in the sun, that's what they're for! But while it's nice to have your hammock setup full time in the yard, we strongly recommend not leaving your hammock outdoors full time at an excessive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight  when not in use. (Lucky for you we designed our hammock so it only takes seconds to setup and take down.)

🤔 Do I need to bring my hammock in out of the rain?

You certainly don't need to race out and take down your hammock every time there's a light shower. However, during lengthy periods of rain or stretches of extreme weather, it's not at all a bad idea to bring your hammock indoors. Particularly in the case of cotton rope, your hammock will remain in far better shape if you routinely minimize its exposure to harsh or overly wet weather.

🤔  What If My Hammock Gets Dirty? 

Our Hammocks are machine washable. However, laundry machines can be tough on Hammocks and it's usually not necessary. For that reason, we always recommend that you clean it by hand to ensure a delicate and gentle cleaning process. If you do use a washing machine, make sure you remove any hooks or carabiners that could get snagged and use the most gentle cycle available. 

There's definitely no need to put the hammock in the dryer - just hang it up and it will air dry quickly.

🤔 How fast do items get shipped once I place my order? 

We know what it's like to order something online and want to have it in your hands as quickly as possible. So we do everything we can to get orders out the door as soon as they come in - which means most packages ship the very same day you order.  

Our offices are open Monday - Friday and our mail gets picked up in the early afternoon every 1-2 days (depending on stock availability) so keep that in mind when placing your order - any orders placed over the weekend or after our mail pickup will be shipped the very next business day whenever possible. So your order is typically at your door within 5-7 business days of ordering without paying the usual costs of expedited shipping!  

It's our goal to make you happy and we'll do whatever we can to get your package delivered to you on time!


Our Hammock Concierge is Here to Help! 
Our team has a treasure trove of hammock wisdom!

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