Our Story

HomeGasm Hammock



They say home is where the heart is, but we think that misses something important. Comfort. Relaxation. A place to put your feet up at the end of a long day.

The way your home makes you feel is just as important as the memories you fill it with, and that’s why we created HomeGasm.

Homegasm is committed to making you feel more at home by producing an array of comfort furniture to help you along the way. We specialize in creating comfortable hammocks for your backyard, patio, Balcony and even for your indoor. that incorporates modern style and practical functionality.

We’ve all found ourselves at one point sitting on uncomfortable deck chairs. While the backyard might be a great place for fresh air, it’s difficult to notice when you’re sitting in a rigid piece of furniture. And isn’t coming home at the end of a long day supposed to be a welcome break from a stressful day? It might not feel like it if you find yourself in a chair that isn’t much better than that uncomfortable office chair you’ve been sitting in all day.


The Break You Deserve

At HomeGasm live by one motto, and we think it’s pretty clear. Kick back a little. Let the stress go. A HomeGasm creation is perfect for just about any occasion that calls for putting your feet up and unwinding from your day.

We love outdoor & Indoor relaxation, but the hammocks we came across just weren’t cutting it. So we set out to create a better design. Working with the most creative designers, the best engineers, and leading comfort experts allows us to confidently deliver the comfort experience you deserve.

Each of our carefully crafted pieces is designed with your comfort in mind. From the smallest lines to the materials we use, we guarantee you won’t want to experience anything else after trying us out.